Acid/Chlorine Wash

Do you have a green pool and algae build up? If so you likely have a problem that needs an immediate fix with our acid wash pool cleaning service.

Acid Wash Las Vegas Pool Service

Algae growth in the swimming pool could threat a daunting task ahead if not cleaned up right on time. At Acid Wash Las Vegas, we have specialists to undo algae formation through proper cleaning procedures. However, should any algae growth has disturbed the swimming pool area, these specialists will perform appropriate acid wash cleaning and eliminate their growth and spores from the tiles, plaster, or any other surface.

1. Trained professionals to perform acid washes.

Performing major tasks like pool acid wash Las Vegas require the expert hands of a specialist, especially considering the proportions and usage of chemicals. Our highly trained professionals carry out this task efficiently, whether it is chlorine washing Las Vegas or acid washing, without damaging the pool during the process.

2. The safe and proper acid wash of pools via right methods.

Our acid wash specialists take appropriate safety measures before and while performing acid washing Las Vegas. This includes the wearing of protective gloves, breathing masks, footwear, and rinsing the surfaces to avoid any damage on the plaster or other surfaces. The specialists follow this with a neutralization process and use pH test kits to check water neutrality.

3. Pumping out the waste water from the pool.

The professionals pump out the acid wash waste water from the pool system, which can, otherwise, cause harm to plants or animals. Thorough rinsing, diluting, and again rinsing of the surfaces will be the followed procedure to ensure no acidic element remains in the pool system for causing any kind of disruption. After running checks on draining coverage and closing of hydrostatic relief valves, the pool is refilled with water.

We Have The Expertise To Get Your Pool Back To Tip Top Shape.

10 Step Cleaning Process

We don’t leave until your pool is ready for immediate use.

  • Brushing of tile
  • Brushing of pool walls and steps
  • Netting impurities from pool surface
  • Emptying of skimmer and pump baskets
  • Testing of water chemistry
  • Balancing of all chemicals
  • Checking of proper circulation and filtration
  • Inspection of auto cleaner
  • Checking for any leaks
  • Vacuuming of pool as necessary
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