Acid Wash Las Vegas Green To Clean Pool Service

Algae formation, green dirt, and swamp – the nuisance is one of the haunting things that bother swimming pool owners due to little or no maintenance. If you are one of those owners who has been completely unsettled and puzzled to see the unwanted “greenery” in your pool, you can trust the team of Acid Wash Las Vegas for Green to Clean pool service that leaves your pool system ready for swimming within a few days.

1. Trained technicians to clean green swimming pools.

As a trustworthy swimming pool cleaning Las Vegas company, we send our trained pool technicians to diagnose the pool system and identify key problems. After a thorough understanding of the pool condition, the technicians offer proper treatment to turn your green pool into a clean pool of joy.

2. The superior quality green to clean mission.

Our fully professional technicians will begin their mission of cleaning the algae-covered pool by using algaecide to prevent their re-blooming. Next, the pool will be tested for alkalinity and pH adjustment. This is a vital check before shock treatment, otherwise, algaecide efficacy may get ruined. Later, the technicians vacuum the waste and leave it clean and blue, just as you wanted it to be.

3. Why shock treatment is provided?

Any swimming pool can develop algae over a period, especially if it is left with no cleaning and maintenance. At Acid Wash Las Vegas, we offer weekly and monthly swimming pool cleaning Las Vegas services, where shock treatment is provided to prevent the growth of algae. Shock treatments at regular intervals thwart the need for intense algae removal process.

We Have The Expertise To Get Your Pool Back To Tip Top Shape.

10 Step Cleaning Process

We don’t leave until your pool is ready for immediate use.

  • Brushing of tile
  • Brushing of pool walls and steps
  • Netting impurities from pool surface
  • Emptying of skimmer and pump baskets
  • Testing of water chemistry
  • Balancing of all chemicals
  • Checking of proper circulation and filtration
  • Inspection of auto cleaner
  • Checking for any leaks
  • Vacuuming of pool as necessary
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