Weekly Pool Cleaning Service

Acid Wash Las Vegas sends the dedicated professionals to provide the best weekly pool cleaning service you always desired for. When you call for pool cleaning or chemical balancing in your swimming pool, we categorically escalate it to the specialists to get the task managed right before the allotted time, so that you and your family can enjoy the swim whenever you want.

1. Highly Trained Pool Cleaning Specialists.

Our pool cleaning specialists are highly trained in various duties, which include servicing pool systems, cleaning pool filters, maintaining PH balance, and responding to hygiene-related incidents. After checking the pool chemistry, the specialists work towards ensuring a proper chemical-balanced and cleaned pool for you.

2. Weekly schedule for pool cleaning service.

The specialists will take the weekly visit on an agenda to keep the pool clean and enjoyable for you and your loved one. After checking for the leaves, dirt, and debris that may have accumulated due to seasonal changes, the pool cleaners administer the appropriate treatment on pool sides, stairs, and floors. The procedures include:

  • Check pool chemistry for pH balance
  • Vacuum and brush clean the pool
  • Add chemicals to restore pH and alkalinity
  • Skim debris and leaves
  • Clean up the skimmer, filters, and traps
  • Check pool equipment functionality
  • Recommend preventive maintenance

3. Professional cleaning and maintenance.

As a reliable pool maintenance Las Vegas company, we prioritize the weekly cleaning schedule for maintaining the pool’s normalcy. This is why come readily equipped with hoses, wands, pool chemicals, and other peripherals to offer full pool cleaning service. Weekly cleaning of your pool will also include checking of the entire pool system to identify and rectify functionality issues.

We Have The Expertise To Get Your Pool Back To Tip Top Shape.

10 Step Cleaning Process

We don’t leave until your pool is ready for immediate use.

  • Brushing of tile
  • Brushing of pool walls and steps
  • Netting impurities from pool surface
  • Emptying of skimmer and pump baskets
  • Testing of water chemistry
  • Balancing of all chemicals
  • Checking of proper circulation and filtration
  • Inspection of auto cleaner
  • Checking for any leaks
  • Vacuuming of pool as necessary
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